What Beatles Lyrics Did You Not Realise You'd Misheard?

what lyrics did you near realise youd misheard

We all mishear lyrics sometimes and this can make for hilarious alternate song lines that, because of the melody, somehow just seem to make SENSE. We asked you which Beatles lyrics you'd misheard, and here are some of the funniest!

My brother did not mishear the lyrics to “Rain” but since my name is Lorraine, he used to walk around the house singing “When Lorraine comes, they run and hide their heads… they might as well be dead… when Lorraine comes…” Yes, he was a brat!

Lorraine Adrian Hornig

"Michelle my belle, someday monkey play piano song, play piano song”!

Vincent T. D’Ambrosio

"Living is easy without clothes…"

Mackenzie Maken

When I was 7 I thought that “Paperback Writer” was “Take the back right turn”

Edwin Loveland
Photo shoot in Chiswick Park London during Rain and Paperback Writer music video production

Ticket to Ride. I always wondered why at the end of the song they sang “my baby donkey”!

Derek Bourne

I thought the nurse in Penny Lane was selling puppies from a tray

Golden Carmichael

I do remember when I was little thinking that one line in Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds was “A girl with Colitis goes by”.

Derek McNeil

“She’s got a chicken to ride, and she don’t care.”

Gareth James

My dad thought Hey Jude was “Stay Tuned”

Fran Cesca
Hey Jude sleeve from Odeon

When my brother was little, he thought the lyric was “blah, blah, blah”, not “love, love, love”, and he would go around the house singing it all the time.

Sheila Arthur

All My Loving… When I was a kid, I thought the line was “and I’ll send all my laundry to you.”

Dx Johnson

When I saw her standing there. “I’ll never dance with her mother”

Walt Cochrane

At five years old, when the song was new: “… and when she’s beside me I know I need mental care”. I’m still impressed I even knew that word at 5!

Sara Whitney

“I wanna hold your ham” when I first heard the song

Baljit Kumar

As a young child - when Ticket To Ride came on the radio - thought the words were “she’s got a tick in her eye”

Mike Fink
Los Beatles - Ticket to Ride