Tie a Beatles song to a moment in your life. Tell us about it.

Fans respond to questions

Tie a Beatles song to a moment in your life.

John B:
Here Comes The Sun… 20 years old and I’d just returned from my first tour in Vietnam. Had a layover at the San Francisco airport. I had to sleep in the corner at the gate, using my sea bag as a pillow. Come the next day, the sun’s rays woke me up and Here Comes The Sun was playing. I realized how lucky I was to be alive and I was ready to be with my family in Phoenix!

Erin J:
I was 20. Obviously I had heard The Beatles before. I had just had a particularly physical altercation with my boyfriend at the time, and Blackbird came on. ‘Take these broken wings and learn to fly.’ I hadn’t spoken to my mum in weeks, but I called home and asked her to come get me. I still don’t know how she made it across town so fast! Those lyrics are now tattooed on the back of my arm.

Liane D:
5am. In a rented apartment in Venice. Window open. Listening to the sound of church bells fading away. Then heard someone softly whispering, “Here, There, and Everywhere” as they walked to work in the Rialto market. My husband and I looked at each other and smiled. I still get a lump in my throat at the quiet intimacy of that moment.

Alicia C:
“Here Comes The Sun” – I wasn’t too happy about a pregnancy. I felt like I didn’t have anyone, nor was the father involved. That song came on the radio and just changed my way of thinking about it. I had a beautiful girl that today is definitely my sun.

Sabrina F:
“Eleanor Rigby” – I was 15 when I first heard it. I had just dropped out of school after enduring a truly crappy year. I have always been unattractive, socially awkward, and very much a loner, and when I heard “Eleanor Rigby” I cried. It was the first song I had ever heard that I could really relate to. About ten years ago, “Let It Be” became my anthem of sorts.

Jonathan B:
The first time I fell in love with music. I was bullied at school and at home. We were always told to be seen and not heard. I felt so alone and lost like no one had ever been where I was before. I was walking back from the bathroom to my room. I had to walk past my stepfather who had on earphones. I accidentally stepped on them and unplugged them. His screaming didn’t even reach me. “Yesterday all my troubles seemed so far away…” I’m not alone anymore. I was 8 and I never looked back. There was more to life and I was going to find it.

M Oiselle:
I was 3 years old. I was going to the shops with my dad. Ticket To Ride came on the radio. I cried when it was over. That day I became a fan for life.

R Bench:
When I watched my 9 year old autistic son close his eyes and listen to Sgt. Pepper and tell me, “I could listen to this song forever.”

W Wheeks:
In My Life – when I had to decide to have one of my beloved guinea pigs, “Nugget” put down a few days before Christmas. I miss her and I always play it and think of her. Also, Here Comes The Sun reminds me of her as well, since she loved sitting outside with me and listening to The Beatles on a nice day. She was a ray of sunshine and that song always got her attention. I miss you, Nugget. I’m so thankful you were In My Life.