Love You To

Release date: 05 August 1966

Each day just goes so fast,
I turn around, it's past,
You don't get time to hang a sign on me.
Love me while you can,
Before I'm a dead old man.
A life-time is so short,
A new one can't be bought,
But what you've got means such a lot to me.
Make love all day long,
Make love singing songs.
Make love all day long,
Make love singing songs.
There's people standing round,
Who'll screw you in the ground,
They'll fill you in with their sins,
You'll see.
I'll make love to you,
If you want me to.

"Love You To"
Song by the Beatles from the album Revolver
Released 5 August 1966
Recorded 11 April 1966,
EMI Studios, London
Genre Raga
Length 3:01
Label Parlophone
Writer George Harrison
Producer George Martin
Revolver track listing
14 tracks
Side one
  1. "Taxman"
  2. "Eleanor Rigby"
  3. "I'm Only Sleeping"
  4. "Love You To"
  5. "Here, There and Everywhere"
  6. "Yellow Submarine"
  7. "She Said She Said"
Side two
  1. "Good Day Sunshine"
  2. "And Your Bird Can Sing"
  3. "For No One"
  4. "Doctor Robert"
  5. "I Want to Tell You"
  6. "Got to Get You into My Life"
  7. "Tomorrow Never Knows"

"Love You To" is a song by the Beatles from the album Revolver. It is sung and written by George Harrison and features North Indian classical instrumentation; tabla, a pair of hand-drums, sitar and a tambura providing a drone. "Love You To" was the first Beatles' song that seriously attempted to incorporate Indian classical music and has even been hailed as the first pop song to emulate a non-western form in structure and instrumentation. As such, it first introduced Western pop music fans to the eastern, Indian music that Harrison would promote for the rest of his career.

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