News - 20 October 2014

Get Back To Mono: Beatles’ Recording Engineer Ken Scott On The Best Way To Hear The Fab Four

The Beatles In Mono is perhaps the most crucial Beatles release for those who were not privileged to live in a time when the four Fabs roamed the Earth. For a start, just use your ears. Far from a relic, the sound is more alive, full, and frightfully contemporary than ever before. And that's not just our opinion- it's also the opinion of Ken Scott, the music industry great who got his start as the Beatles' recording engineer.

Prior to his groundbreaking work with a list of legends including David Bowie, Elton John, Jeff Beck and Supertramp, Scott was in the room when some of the Beatles' classic recordings were being made, and had his hand on the fader when the original masters were created. Who better to say how these records are meant to sound?