News - 29 March 2016

18th March, 1964 - George interviews Paul for the BBC program Public Ear during the filming of A Hard Day's Night.

Whilst A Hard Day's Night was being filmed - a daunting endeavour for first-time 'proper' actors John, Paul, George and Ringo - George and Paul let off some steam in a fun mock-interview for BBC Radio's Public Ear. George, as the oh-so-serious interviewer, grills Paul about how the film production's going... George: "Well, we just have been out for dinner at the Dorchester. And, Paul McCartney, would you like to say a few words to the listeners of Public Ear?" Paul: "Err, yes. What about them, George?" George: "How are you enjoying filming? This is your first film, isn't it, Paul?" Paul: (Laughing) "Yes. The first film we ever made, and err, we're having a good time. We're not very good actors, but we're trying hard. That's the most important thing, really - having a try, isn't it?" George: (Pretending to be serious) "Yes. I suppose it is, Paul. Well, are you having any trouble learning your lines, or anything like that?" Paul: "Well actually, George, I'm a bit lazy about that. I normally learn them about, err, ten minutes before we do the scene, actually. (Jokingly) I feel it gives an air of impromptuity." George: "I see. How's the director of the film?" Paul: "Well, yes. Dick Lester's directing the film... err, what's ya name? George?" George: "George, yeah. BBC! I'm from the BBC, you see. Public Ear." Paul: "Anyway, his name is Dick Lester. He's a good fella. He's BALD, but don't hold that against him. He's one of the nicest fellas I've met, and he's a great director. I think he's gonna save the film in the cutting rooms. Great fella, he is." George: (Still pretending to be serious) "What do you mean, 'He's gonna save it in the cutting rooms?' What exactly do you mean by that, Paul?" Paul: (Laughing) "Well you see, George, erm... The acting may not be very good, but if he can cut it up, and slice it around, and slop bits in here and slop bits in there, he may make it into a good film, you see." George: "I see. Well thank you Paul. And, err, you'll receive your three-shilling fee at a later date." Paul: "Don't mention it, George. Thank you."